Sun Kissed™ SunCream – Baby Safe, Handmade


Sun Kissed™ Handcrafted Sun Care Cream (previously Solar Protect Sunscreen) supports your skin in the sun, naturally! This is one of Yummy Mummy’s flagship products, first developed in 2012! This lovely, buttery cream glides on giving moisturizing skin protection from sun exposure. Safe for babies/all ages. Oil based to withstand sweating & water play. Essential oils added to deter bugs. Doubles as an after-burn cream in case you forgot! Free of all drying agents, alcohols or esters. Newly added chaparral in the wild protects other plants from sun damage. As a medicinal herb, Indians of the Southwestern desert regions used the sap as a sunscreen to protect them from DNA damaging UV rays. Added calendula flower extract assists with skin repair and really soothes if you forgot to use it and got too much sun.

113ml /4oz tin

Contains: Chaparral, Calendula, Organic virgin Coconut Oil, Pomace Oil, Organic Raw Shea butter, Organic Golden Jojoba oil, Carrot Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Aloe Vera, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Non-Nano Zinc, Pure Essential Oils of Egyptian Geranium, Peppermint & Lavender, Love. Keep Out of Direct Sunlight.

What's the Trouble with Chemical Sunscreens?

Chemical sunscreens use one or more chemicals including oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate.

New research by the EWG (environmental working group) reveals that the chemicals commonly used in sunscreen are endocrine disruptors, estrogenic and may interfere with thyroid and other hormone processes in the body. As well, from all the swimming in the water, it is destroying the coral reefs and can damage wildlife.

The most common sunscreen chemical, Oxybenzone, was found in 96% of the population by a recent study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This is especially alarming since oxybenzone is considered an endocrine disruptor, can reduce sperm count in men and may contribute to endometriosis in women.

The EWG warns against using oxybenzone, especially on children or pregnant/breastfeeding women.

Of the 1,400+ sunscreens tested by the EWG, only 5% met their safety standards and over 40% were listed as potentially contributing to skin cancer. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Many sunscreens also contain methylisothiazolinone, which the American Contact Dermatitis Society named as its “allergen of the year”. We have seen many warnings of babies full of blistered skin from using these products.

Most sunscreens completely block the body’s ability to manufacture Vitamin D. Statistically, 75% of us are deficient in Vitamin D and Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to higher risk of cancer and heart disease (which kill more people than skin cancer per year).

Solar Protect Sun Care Cream contains a blend of oils with naturally high SPF and non-nano zinc to protect and repair skin, as well as block harmful burn rays but not block out your vitamin D production.

The sun burns us. That is a fact. We must use something to protect our skin but it is ridiculous to use something that will increase risks of cancer for the idea of decreasing a risk of cancer!  So quit the chemical sunscreens and use the gentle and safe Solar Protect Sun Care Cream, a much wiser choice, safe for the whole family.

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5 reviews for Sun Kissed™ SunCream – Baby Safe, Handmade

  1. Brenda O.

    I use this as my day moisturizer great protection from the sun I have a pool & go to Florida 3 months of the year get full protection from the elements Use all year!!
    Thanks Amanda for this great product!!

  2. Sandra M.

    Brought this on the Camino with me in the spring and never got sunburned walking for hours at high altitudes in the mountains, as well as out in the open areas without shade in the intense sun. I wore a hat and slathered Solar Protect on exposed arms, hands and face daily, confident in this safe and natural protection.

  3. Shauna R.

    Solid product. I’m very pleased

  4. Freda N.

    This sunscreen smells beautiful and feels amazing I am so pleased with it.

  5. Carol van Heerden

    we have had a very hot summer in the UK and skin was
    well protected by sunscreen. feels moisturized and no burns at all

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