DMSO – Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solution with Added Nutrients


Pure DMSO is blended with aloe vera, B-complex, buffered vitamin C, iodine, MSM & magnesium with a little rose geranium flower water.

It is said that organic sulfur is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, chelates heavy metals, repairs all tissues, provides rapid pain relief even for nerve pain, stops herpes from forming, stops shingles in its tracks, prevents post-herpetic neuralgia, heals acne, halts cavities, is bacteriostatic, is anti-fungal…but I am making no claims.

Make sure to use on clean skin. Yellow in colour.

30ml in a white glass dropper bottle with a safety seal. 50ml in an amber glass dropper bottle.

Use 1 year after opening. Store in a cool, dark location.

For non-Canadian residents only due to Health Canada restrictions.




Not approved by any arm of the large pharmaceutical cartel aka Health Canada, FDA, etc.


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30 ml (1 oz), 50 ml (1.69 oz)

28 reviews for DMSO – Dimethyl Sulfoxide Solution with Added Nutrients

  1. Kelly W.

    Arrived quick! Still experimenting with this.

  2. Katryn V.

    I LOVE THIS STUFF! Ordered two bottles and on my second now, this has been amazing for scars I’ve had that I have tried for years to get rid of… it is the only thing that has worked for me. I see slow progress, but much more than with anything else I’ve tried. I will be ordering again soon!!

  3. Ashley N.

    I am absolutely in love with this product. It has done wonders for my skin and healing my acne and scars. I’d tried everything, and after 10 years this is the only thing that worked. Very grateful. Thank you!

  4. Shauna R.

    I will buy it again and again. Helps my cavities

  5. Lorielle S.

    This is an amazing product. I suffer with lower back pain, when I use DMSO I have relief in less then 7 minutes. Amazing 😉

  6. Anne S.

    Looooove it. I use it for everything. Aches, sprains, arthritis even an ear infection.

  7. Lawson T.

    Great combination with the added nutrients, very effective.

  8. Anne S.

    I use this for everything! Arthritis, ear ache, allergic reaction, muscle strain. Love it!

  9. Chandra V.

    I’d probably be dead without this! 😉. It’s a must!!!

  10. Arnold V.

    This product helps with my joint pain

  11. michele l.

    LOVE this product, I am almost 60 , have begun to see floaters for a couple of years, had lasik surgery 20 years ago and was told by a mainstream……very young eye tech…….. I was about to get glaucoma, so started with the DMSO and am having excellent results.

  12. Lynn M.

    Love it! My frozen shoulder is healing nicely…every time I use it my mobility increases.
    Thank you

  13. mike t

    i used it to treat a nasal infection and cold. it worked very well. i took it orally and put in my nasal passages. thks

  14. cristelle l.

    Brings muscle pain down a few notches instantly, helps with spider veins, I believe it is healing my nerves.

  15. john t.

    I’ve had bad lower back and shoulder problems
    for years because of plastering,Now using 3 drops in morning
    and evening and feel like I’m in my twenties again and not
    almost 50!!!!!

  16. Freda N.

    I am still learning about the dmso but I love it, especially the extra nutrients that really enhance it. I have started putting a few drops with a tiny bit magnesium gel around my eyes. I am not sure if that is a good thing but adding it to my regime for my cataract. After putting 40% dmso drop in my eyes I then dab a very small amount around the top of my lid and under my eye carefully. Only been doing it for a short while so might update down the track.

  17. William H.

    The DMSO oil worked great I am seeing positive results in my joints and I am experiencing a better feeling of health . I would highly recommend the product to others .

  18. Bernice F.

    I am extremely impressed with the strength and purity of this. The DMSO is high quality and the other ingredients create an nice slip to the product. I am using this daily and it has helped with pain, and I’m hoping it helps with scars from a Dupuytren’s release surgery.

  19. Jean (John) G.

    Amanda does a great job at explaining the benefits and mechanisms of DMSO!!

    My wife and I have been using magnesium spray on our arms and then applying a full dropper of DMSO, blended with essential minerals. We do that before going to sleep and found that we are getting a better rest,deeper sleep.

  20. Sarah

    I used this on a rash that I had (eczema) and it is almost gone now. I have done dietary changes as well as use this DMSO blend and I feel like it has helped with clearing it up. I use it on my legs too in hopes it will help me with an issue that I have.
    I am going to keep using it and I hope to see more improvements.

  21. Hugh B.

    The 80% DMSO with added nutrients works very well on my back, hamstring and knee aches. Bless you for this ideal mix of ingredients.

    My grown son also tried your 80% DMSO on his chronically sore shoulder and got nearly immediate positive results. He is quite happy with it.

    While they were here this afternoon, I had a relatively rare and moderately painful hand cramp that caused my hand to obviously distort in pain. I sprayed my hand and wrist with transdermal magnesium spray, followed by the 80% DMSO and rubbed it in a bit.

    Within a few minutes the cramping stopped entirely and shortly thereafter I was even able to make a tight fist. Quite remarkable!

    I will let you know about my several pre-cancerous scalp lesions. They do appear to be shrinking and healing.

    On the other hand, the DMSO doesn’t seem to be that effective with Polymyalgia. But it’s early yet so we’ll give it more of a chance to work.

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful treatments.

    Hugh and family

  22. Peter W.

    Just a few drops applied with fingertips on my lower back really helps to ease the pain.

  23. anonymous

    Great product. I use topically for nerve pain. A little goes a long way!

  24. Elizabeth d.

    From USA. Currently using DMSO for one week. Received it very quickly and used it same day. Could taste it after only a few minutes after using it for arthritis on hands and neck. Also use on bottom of feet for diabetic nerve issues. Very excited to use longer. Have less pain and burning.

  25. Raissa D.

    We absolutely cannot live without this product in our house. One day I had a cramped hand and a sore lower back with just a drop – 2 drops rubbed in to the area and within 10 mins the pain was gone. Skin irritations and patches of a rash will go away almost instantly. The ways in which to use dmso internally are endless omg it’s a wonderful product that we will never go without! There is an eye drop version of this as well with Yummy Mummy I also highly recommend.

  26. Anne S.

    After watching your video on YouTube I thought I’d give the DMSO a try. I use it on arthritis in my hands and back. My husband has started using it too after having shoulder surgery. I also recommended it to my sister who has started using it for sciatica. I really like this product.

  27. Thomas F.

    I love this product!!! This solution alleviates pain and inflammation quickly. I use it daily. Definitely worth trying

  28. Claritza P.

    Product arrived withing a few days.
    I am very please. It’s helping me with join pain in my wrists

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