Bali – Fragrant Oil Bar Soap


All-Natural Soap 100g

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All-Natural, 100g

Bali Soap carefully manufactures natural soap using exotic natural ingredients from the Indonesian archipelago. These soaps are handmade from palm and coconut oils and are seasoned with exotic dried spices from the Island of Bali. Every bar retains extra oils and the naturally occurring glycerin. This provides for a gentle and moisturizing soap. Indulge yourself and lather up in the exotic luxury of this marvelous natural product!

Cinnamon: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil. Water. Alkali (NaOH). Cinnamon Fragrant Oil. Paprika Powder. Milled Rice Husk. Cinnamon Powder

Lemongrass: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil. Water. Alkali (NaOH). Lemongrass Fragrant Oil. Yellow Clay French. Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil. Water. Alkali (NaOH). Sandalwood Fragrant Oil. Saffron & Clove Powder. Saffron Powder

Vanilla: Palm Oil & Coconut Oil. Water. Alkali (NaOH). Vanilla Fragrant Oil. Rolled Oats. Crushed Vanilla Beans

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Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Vanilla


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